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Presentation Skills

Who should attend:
Professionals that are in front of groups or delivering presentations on a routine basis or simply those that are looking to improve their public speaking skills and gain added confidence in their speaking abilities.

All great speakers share one common trait, that is, they all studied those that spoke before them and learned from them. Speaking is not a skill genetically required, it can be acquired through thorough coaching and conditioning, and the aim of this seminar is to do just that. As a participant, you will develop speaking techniques that have proven to be effective and successfully implemented to capture a small or an extensively large group of audiences. The program is highly customized as per your company’s requirements and will be delivered to address your company specific issues. Extensive time is spent in role playing and all participants will be required to give at the least five speeches per session, per day. This action-packed seminar also covers topics such as voice-tone, body language, gestures, and personality development. Part of the time is also spent on learning how to answer difficult questions from the crowd with ease.

Presentation Skills Training benefits:
- Fully exceed audience expectations
- Market yourself to a group of people that you know very little about you
- Customize your own presentation and tailor-make words to fit presentation guidelines
- Overcome the fears of speaking in public
- Speak like a professional presenter with in-sync voice tone and gestures
- Interact with your audience and convey to action
- Handle complex questions without being flustered
- Define the purpose of your presentation precisely and concisely
- Build rapport with your audience
- Project yourself with self-confidence and poise
- Understand how and when to use humor  and use without offending
- Use stage fright to your advantage in being enthusiastic
- Deliver and effective presentation without the aid of PowerPoint or note cards
- Eliminate distracting mannerisms while presenting
- Learn and develop interactive openings and closings in your presentation that will help make it more successful
- Discover how to think on your feet effectively and with tact
- Enhance voice projection, articulation, pacing, and fluency

This seminar can be delivered in a 1-2 day format and can be highly useful in helping improve the bottom-line at your company. All-in-all, this seminar will produce better quality presentations and speeches at your company while building employee self-confidence.

Communications Skills Seminar Delivery:

Prices include all costs for books, materials, literature, development fees, trainer fees, etc. Fees also include up to 45 participants in the seminar. Minimum 15 participants per seminar. Prices do not include airfare, lodging, meals, parking fees, and other related expenses. Client must reimburse P'TOSH Training before seminar delivery. All payment arrangements must be made 1-week prior to seminar delivery.

All of P'TOSH Training programs are customized to fit your company's ongoing needs and delivering in alignment with your company's Corporate Training culture. They are backed by a 100% guarantee to ensure your money is well-spent.


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